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About Matheran

Spread across the picturesque valley and beautiful lookout points of the Sahyadris, Matheran is the smallest Hill Station India has to offer. A famous solace for people of Maharashtra, Matheran warmly welcomes the tourists to the scenic views of tranquility away from the veritable that city life presents. Just two hours away from Mumbai, the hill station is the perfect getaway from the buzzing of automobiles and enjoying a perfect stay in the most scenic of places. With some of the most panoramic views, literally, Matheran has beautiful sunsets and vivid sunrises that are sure to take your breath away!

About Matheran Tour Packages

The Hill station of Maharashtra, Matheran attracts the most crowds on weekends, due to its proximity to Mumbai and Pune. The best way to enjoy Matheran is by treating it like a retreat for your body and soul. Having a moderate climate throughout the year, the hill station calls one and all alike, with its enchanting beauty and wholesome experience. Giving you a view of the Western Ghats, Matheran is a treat for the sore eye and a broken heart, as its power to heal is most potent. TripClues has the Best Tour Packages that include the best hotels, accommodation at prime location, and savories to treat your palettes to! The customizable Matheran Tour Package caters to all your needs, because that’s what we aim for.

Same Day Matheran Tour Packages

Matheran always finds itself atop the wish lists of most dwellers of Mumbai and Pune. With its close proximity to the two states, it enjoys the limelight of being their only safe haven that could take them away from the buzz of the metropolitan city life. With a distance of mere 54 kms from Mumbai, it is easily accessible. Termed as an Eco- sensitive region by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, Matheran has a policy of no automobile. Creating a pollution free environment, Matheran literally means, ‘forest on the forehead’. With its breathtaking beauty, it sure can make it up to your weekend getaway list. A single day trip to Matheran can be planned with TripClues with our packages that cater to all your needs.   

1 Night 2 Days Matheran Tour Package

In this package, you can take advantage of relishing the scenic beauty of the smallest Hill Station in India. In this short trip, that you could plan over the weekend, one could take full benefit of the services provided by TripClues. Bask in the morning glory as you enjoy the sunrise; and as the colors fall let the sunset glide you to a land seen by none! Plan your 1 day tour with TripClues to enjoy the beauty that is Matheran.

2 Nights 3 Days Matheran Tour Package

With two days in hand, one can actually enjoy and relish the panoramic views of the tranquil hill station away from the clutter of cities. The package includes stay at the best hotel to satiate your need for luxury. The places to see in Matheran are plenty, which adds to the grandeur of this place.

Things to do in Matheran

The play of colors is what the tourist takes the hike to Matheran for! However, not many take the hikes, but those who dare are in for a treat! The lone standing tree atop a hill, the toy train, sunrise and sunset points are just some of the beauty that’s on offer at Matheran. The view will change how you think and clear your vision for a rose tinted world. The Alexander Point is the closest to the hotels and resorts, making it the place that achieves the most footfall in Matheran. The hill station is famous for its delectable delicacies. So while you visit here to treat your senses, why leave your taste buds home?! However, carry a loaded wallet as the prices here are quite steep, just like the hills. One could get captivated by the beauty that the 360 degree bird’s eye view that Panorama point presents. The tiny villages specked below would make you envisage and feel about things in a different way than what you’re accustomed to. The toy Train is also a major attraction for the tourists, due to Matheran’s policy of ‘No automobiles’.  Our team of experts is here to guide you and make the best use of your days while you are chaos free, enjoying in Matheran. Depending on your Holiday Package and the tour you selected, you’ll be provided the best tour of Matheran. The hill station attracts the travel buffs that have a thing for treks and hiking. Photographers will dream about this place even in their slumber! A trip to Matheran, planned by you with TripClues is sure to be one that you’ll cherish forever in your photo albums!

Places to visit in Matheran

Matheran has great views to offer that are an eye candy for the soul. You’ll be bewitched by the beauty of the Western Ghats compiled with that of the Sahyadris. Here is a compiled list of best places to visit in Matheran, Maharashtra.

Get captivated by the 360 degree vista that this point presents. Taking the name in literal sense, the scenic point gives a bird’s eye view of the Western Ghats and tiny specks of villages spread below. Matheran’s famous picnic spot attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The Neral- Matheran Toy Train is an attraction for the tourists that this place cashes in. Zip lining through the Western Ghats, the train provides an experience of a lifetime! Moving slow and steadily through the greens, the toy train boards from a station near Neral and takes one up to the hill station of Matheran. However, it is advisable that you book tickets for the Toy train beforehand, as it is always the major attraction for tourists.

No, it has no reference whatsoever to the TV series, One Tree hill. But, the hill has one of the most breathtaking views of Matheran. The play of colors is what the tourist takes the hike for! However, not many take these treks, but those who dare are in for a treat! The lone standing tree atop the hill is what this place is famous for. Yet, the view will change your outlook towards the world.

This point in Matheran is famous for the remains of the Vishalgad and Prabal fort. As is known of Matheran, this point also boasts of a million reasons to explore.

This famous place is your go to spot for shopping while in Matheran. The hill station is famous for its delectable delicacies. So while you visit here to treat your senses, why leave your taste buds home?! Shop for the savories that are on the showcase in this town! However, carry a loaded wallet as the prices here are quite steep, just like the hills.

Feeling adventurous enough?! Try going down these steep steps while you travel downhill from the One Tree Hill Point. This is not for the faint hearted, as the steps are morphed in the shape of a ladder, making it a piece of cake, for none!

Being in the closest vicinity of the inhabited resorts, this place gets the most footfall. Matheran maintains a peaceful visual for all that visit! The mornings are beautiful and breathtaking; the psychedelic colors transform the sky from a dark hue to the yellow ocher. As the sky turns dark again, Alexander point welcomes back the night in the most enchanting way possible.

How to reach Matheran?

By Rail: The closest railway station to Matheran is Neral, which is 21 kms away from the hill station. However, the route by train is spine tingling in its own way, as it provides alluring views of the terrain. From Neral, there’s a Toy train available to Matheran which runs 4 times a day.

By Road: Since there are no cars are allowed inside the hill station, you’ll be stopped 2.5 kms away from Matheran. If you’re planning to drive your car, there’s a parking space just outside Matheran at Dasturi Peak.  

By Air: The closest airport to Matheran is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, which is 100 kms from the hill station, and Pune Airport i.e. 120 kms. Since Matheran is a ‘no vehicle zone’, you’ll not be allowed to take any petrol or diesel vehicle inside the zone. The rest of the stretch, which is 2.5kms could either be covered by horseback ride, man pulled rickshaw, or by foot.  

Note: Matheran is a no automobile zone and no cars are allowed inside the boundaries. So it is important that one knows how to trek and walk in a hilly area. However, there are horse rides and man pulled rickshaws available for when you get tired. Although this might burn a hole in your pocket!

Best Time to visit Matheran

The hill station boasts of a joyous weather throughout the year; however Monsoon is the best time round the year for your trip to Matheran.

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